Back Pain

Back Pain – 7 Tips to Lessen the Pain

If you follow these several steps, they can help ease the much hated pain, in the back. Although the pain itself will by far motivate most people to take action.

1. Rest

The back muscles function to hold the entire body position upright. The problem is these muscles tire over time. Therefore, you have to rest them by lying down on your bed. Let those strands and fibers recover. Lie on your back flat with 2 pillows underneath your knees. A word of caution is to never lie face down.

2. Apply Cold

When you do this, you are actually lessening the temperature of the affected body part (your back). By this, the capability of the nerve to producing painful stimuli is disabled. Thus, you feel less pain. It is suggested that the ice pack is properly wrapped in cloth material (like towel). You should apply it sparingly, never more than 20 minutes maximum. Then take it off for half an hour. Repeat. This ice method works best for the first 24 hours of the injury.

3. Bathe in Hot Shower

At this stage, the ice would not help lessen the pain or inflammation. For back pains that had lasted for more than 24 hours, it is suggested that you take a hot bath. Heat enables the muscles elasticity to increase. For a detailed method, one should soak in a hot tub for 20 minutes.

4. Buy New Mattress

Old mattresses are most likely saggy and soft. A downwards curved bed will also cause back pains. It is very important to maintain a perfectly horizontal platform for the bed. If applying plywood or a flat rigid plane between the mattress and the box spring is your fastest solution, do so. You must also try sleeping with 2 pillows chucked below your knees.

5. Go for Massages

You do not have to spend money at a spa or massage parlor. Let your friend or family member apply those needed pressures onto your back. Massaging promotes blood flow like nothing else. It is a highly beneficial activity in relieving back pains, not mentioning its price; free.

6. Relax

In other words, chill. Most back pains are caused by muscles which became tight. These tight muscles are mostly caused by emotional tensions. Practicing the popular ‘Alexander technique’ to improve on body posture is encouraged. Deep breathing, using mostly stomach to breathe, is also highly important.

7. Consume Aspirins

Be known that you should take only 2 tablets or pills. They can temporary relieve you of your pain. But, do not simply purchase any pills for pregnant women. They should visit the doctor first.