Back Pain

Tips and Precautions For Prevention of Thoracic Back Pain

Thoracic Back Pain is really a nuisance but if you understand a few concepts and take exercise regularly, definitely you can get relief from back pain. Though it’s better to consult a Chiropractor but prevention is better than cure. If some steps save you from deadly ramifications, there is nothing wrong in taking the precautions at first place.


  • You should not stand for more hours constantly as it puts pressure on your back and causes back pain. Make sure you take a quick break and sit or even lay back at short intervals to relieve the back muscles.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects. While carrying any load, preventive measures should be taken to avoid getting your back tense. Don’t bend to lift a thing but bring it close to your abdomen.
  • Avoid sitting on the floor at a stretch. When you sit on a chair, support your back with a cushion. Leave your chair as many times as you can because continuous sitting tightens the muscles and loads the spine, compress the disks and hence, causes all types of back pain starting from your neck till your lower back.
  • Over weight is the root cause of the back pain. If you have gained weight and are suffering from thoracic back pain, first of all try to lose the weight.
  • Make a good selection of bed and mattresses. Bed frame should be of suitable height so that you may not strain to get in or out of it as well as making sure your bed is of an ideal height. You can also do a favour for your back by getting a medical cushion and pillow providing stabilized support for the head, neck and back.
  • You should find the best sleeping positions because that helps you to avoid unnecessary strains on your back or neck. Recommendations differ from doctor to doctor. So you should choose the best way suitable to you.
  • As our bodies are comprised of 70% water, plenty of water drinking maintains our body hydration and helps get rid of the harmful toxins as well. Ideally, you should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water. Water is necessary for every process of the body.
  • Take regular exercise and indulge yourself in some activity to keep the muscles of the spine strong. Abdominal muscles should be strengthening to avoid back pain. Moreover, stiff muscles are an originator to injury.
  • Before you exercise, you should warm up yourself for 5-10 minutes with light aerobic activity as it accustoms the muscles to a more intense activity. It avoids serious injuries and helps provide adequate blood flow to the muscle fibers and hence, prevent fatigue and cramps.
  • After taking exercise, you should cool down yourself because your body is still ready to stretch the muscles. Stretching relaxes the muscles tightness which causes the thoracic back pain.
  • Finally, after an exercise or a rough day at work, make sure you compensate and get enough sleeping. And even if you don’t feel sleepy, just lay back, relax your body and feel the difference as the pain fades away.