Paul Mitchell Product Review

To recommend a single product is just too difficult. Instead, I will recommend an entire product line. Paul Mitchell has an amazing hair product line. It consists on shampoos, conditioners, styling products, children products, and even pet products! Throughout my time in the Beauty Industry I have tried many different product lines to see if there was anything else out there.

I attended Paul Mitchell the School Normal and learned how to do hair using Paul Mitchell styling products and Paul Mitchell color. I was taught that it was the best out there, but I was skeptical. I chose to do my own research, look into all the product lines with solid reputations, and decide for myself. After almost a year of trying different product lines, I happily switched my business back to Paul Mitchell. I had forgotten how much I loved the variety of the product line and the way the color worked with all the different hair textures.

Paul Mitchell products are split into many different sub-categories. There are products for thick and thin hair, long and short hair, color treated hair, and even a line specifically designed for men. Currently, hair with a lot of volume is in style. Paul Mitchell created an “Extra Body” line for people who needed just a little extra help styling their hair with extra body. For people who need to style their hair in a timely manner, Paul Mitchell has an “Express” line. For those who have really curly hair naturally but like to wear it straight, there is a “Smoothing” line, and for those with curly hair who want to enhance their curls there is a “Curly” line among other product lines.

“Extra Body” has both a shampoo and conditioner, 2 hairsprays, mousse, and gel. The shampoo and conditioner both clean and condition the hair, but also begin the work to make hair bigger than it naturally is. This line is for those who would describe their hair as thin, fine, or flat. The gel and the mousse are used to add some hold to a style and are considered the “muscle” of this particular line. These products when used together even have the ability to make the hair feel thicker. Finally, the last touch for those looking to create more volume is the hairspray. This hairspray has the ability to hold a persons hair in place during a windstorm. It is wonderful for up-styles and for women who want to keep their hair perfectly in place all day long.

Paul Mitchell’s “Express” line is the best line for anyone looking to save time when it comes to styling their hair. This line is one of the newer lines created by Paul Mitchell and was made specifically for people who felt they took too much time each day to create a style. It consists of all styling products included a few different hairsprays, a gel, and a mousse. The mousse and the gel are applied to wet hair and they actually speed up drying time by wrapping around each individual hair strand and pushing the water off the ends. The hairsprays range in hold from a very light hold that allows hair to keep its shape but still move in a slight breeze to a waxy spray that is best used to create a little texture, usually in short spiky hair. This type of product can be used once in the morning and will continue to work in the hair all day long no matter how many times you decided to change it. In a hurry? Check out the “Express” line!

The “Smoothing” line consists of a shampoo and conditioner, relaxing balm, smoothing serum and glossy serum. As is true with the “Extra Body” line, the “Smoothing” line shampoo and conditioner cleaned and conditioned, but unlike the “Extra Body” line, this line worked to smooth out curls and waves to encourage straight hair. The relaxing balm is the “muscle” in this line and it works with the shampoo and conditioner to continue to straighten. The serum works to calm down any fly away hairs or frizz. This is by far the most popular product in the entirety of Paul Mitchell’s products. To top off a beautifully smooth look, the glossy serum is utilized to simply add shine.

The “Curly” line is the newest Paul Mitchell line. It was created because showing off your natural curls is a current trend. This line can help girls with wavy hair have curly hair and girls with hair so curly that it frizzes have beautifully curly hair. There is a shampoo and a conditioner that do just what you would expect. The “Curly” line also consists of a few different types of gel and a pomade. The gels vary in consistency and style from a very shiny finish to a more matte finish. The pomade is used to help hydrate the hair and is considered the “Curly” line’s “muscle” which means it is applied to damp hair and helps hold curl as the hair dries.

With a line created for color treated hair, a line for men, and a high end conditioning line, there is something for everyone. I would recommend this product line to anyone looking to try something new. With so many options, it is easy to find anything for which you might be looking. For many of my family and friends, I recommend a couple of the different sub-lines. I myself use the high end line, the “Extra Body” line, and the “Curly” line. With these products it is easy to create a new look each day. My hair is well taken care of and always looks great! I always hear good things from the people to which I recommend this line. They tell me they love the smells of the different products and how they make their hair look and feel each and every day. Paul Mitchell also is an incredible company to support. They spend much of their time and resources raising money for different charitable organizations and only sell their product in salons, which helps out individual stylists and salon owners. If you are looking for something new to try, check out Paul Mitchell!