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Knowing the Secrets of Natural Breast Enhancement

Natural breast enlargement is a method to increase the size of the breast without any surgery. Designed to help women increase their breast size, making them fuller and firmer thereby increasing their overall health and well-being. Natural breast enhancement uses herbal supplements to enhance the size of the bust which is generally safe and effective. For many women, this method is the only way to avoid the potentially dangerous side effects of breast implants.

During puberty, hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin control the growth of the tissues. After puberty, the production of these hormones will be reduced. During the pregnancy, the level of these hormones will once again increase in order to prepare the production of milk in the breasts. Also known as animal hormones, they are not suitable for natural breast enlargement because of their potential effects to stimulate abnormal cell growth which could lead to breast cancer. Be cautious when purchasing products that may contain animal hormones.

On the other hand, natural breast enhancement products use plant estrogens to promote results. Pills and creams contain phytoestrogens, a naturally occurring non-hormonal estrogen that promotes tissue growth when applied to the breast area. For instance, Saw Palmetto offers this beneficial effect. Other equally potent herbal supplements such as Fenugreek, Mexican Wild Yam also contain natural estrogens and have shown maximum effects on enhancing the breast size.

These herbal supplements have been identified to offer no risks that are associated with animal hormones. For thousands of years, naturopaths and natives have been using this method safely and effectively. By using phytoestrogens, a woman’s body is able to produce prostaglandin, which helps the growth of breast tissue making it larger, firmer and fuller. Researches have shown that by stimulating the estrogen receptors located in the breast area with phytoestrogens, the size can be increased as much as 150%.

Diet and exercise also plays another important role in natural breast enhancement procedure. Weight lifting and resistance training can tone down and firm the muscle tissue which serves as the foundation of the breasts. By following the correct upper body exercise regimens, the muscles will become tighter and can fully support the breast consequently reducing the ‘sagging’ and achieving a rounder, fuller breasts.

Regulating the food intake means that you are also controlling the hormone production in your body. We all know that the skin is the largest organ in the body and one way to detoxify it is through perspiration. A healthy body can be easily seen from a glowing skin. Natural breast enlargement can benefit from the diet too by tightening the skin, increasing firmness and lift.

Despite the dangers of surgical procedures, many women are still into it because it offers a fast approach towards their dreams. But for women who wanted to enhance their breast size without risking anything, natural breast enlargement method is the way to go. It is not only affordable it is also painless, safe, convenient, and discreet.