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Quick Facts About Teeth Whitening

Our mouth is really vulnerable to many adverse situations hence it is important for us to know what can possibly go wrong in an attempt to gain that beautiful look. We definitely do want to face any further dental problem which might become difficult to treat going forward. This article lists all the important facts about teeth whitening.

We need to understand that not everyone’s teeth are meant to undergo teeth whitening procedure. So before you undergo this dental procedure make sure that you discuss with a dental professional. The reason is that in case your teeth and gums are not healthy then this procedure might cause more damage. However this is not it as there can be many reasons because of which teeth whitening might not work on your teeth. Hence it becomes really important for you to discuss with your dentist all the possibilities before sitting at the bench or trying this treatment at home.

Your dentist will assess your mouth for a lot of things so that he can be sure to take the teeth whitening procedure forward with you. He/She will check for enamel thickness, receding gums, existing tooth sensitivity, existing tooth decay, existing dental restorations (e.g. fillings, crowns and veneers) or any other oral diseases or conditions. To add to these assessments your dentist will also check for the reason of discoloration. The reason could be any such as your diet, ageing etc. Also they will check whether the discoloration is on the surface or is it inside the tooth. It is highly recommended that you see a qualified dentist as they are the only one who can take up such assessments.

Teeth whitening is one of the most easily carried out dental procedure for many patients. However if the treatment is done without any proper assessment then it might go terribly wrong. Furthermore if the treatment is carried out incorrectly (e.g. whitening products are often used too frequently or applied for too long a time) then the damage might irreparable. The side effects of teeth whitening can be as mentioned below:

1. Tooth enamel loses its strength. Enamel is the toughest material so applying the whitening material for too long can damage it.

2. You might suffer from damaged and inflamed gums.

3. You might experience blisters in your gum area.

4. You will start experiencing tooth sensitivity.

5. In case you ingest some bleaching material you might end up feeling irritation or even bleeding from the oesophagus.

6. If you have crowns, veneers or fillings then you need to know that they will not change color. As a result of which you will end up getting multi colored teeth.

7. Make sure you check the product before using it. Check that the concentration level should not be more than 6%.

The result of teeth whitening will depend on the cause of discoloration. Hence it has always been emphasized that you should seek assistance from a dental professional. Also you need to understand that what works for one person might not work for someone else.

These were certain important facts which you should have been aware of before you undertake the teeth whitening treatment.