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Where Can I Find A Contact Lens For Astigmatism?

Looking to find a contact lens designed to correct your vision with astigmatism? Most of the major contact lens manufacturers have come up with a lens designed to correct astigmatism. This article will provide you with some helpful tips you can use to locate the right contact lens available on the market to treat your vision problem and provide you with extended comfort.

Tip #1 Make an appointment with your eye doctor and discuss your needs. If you have never worn contacts before you will need to have a special exam. If it has been over a year since your last lens exam you will also need a new exam. These exams allow the eye doctor to check out how healthy your eyes are and to make sure it is safe for you to wear contacts. They will also make a recommendation to you on which lenses designed for astigmatism you should try out. Ask for a free trial pair to give them a test run.

Tip #2 Never be afraid to try out a new lens design every few years. Contact lens manufacturers are always seeking out innovative ways to improve their wearability along with the spectrum of vision problems that lenses are able to correct. This means that they are constantly coming up with new lenses and introducing them to the market. Take advantage of this innovative spirit and try out a new and improved lenses every few years to see if you like the feel and vision correction offered by the latest lens technology.

Tip #3 Find the best price contact lens designed to treat astigmatism from a discount retailer on the web. Once you have tried out a pair of lenses and are satisfied with their comfort you will want to find out how to purchase these lenses on a routine basis for the lowest price available. The internet is the most competitive place to shop for contacts and you can find several major brands that offer discounted lenses for astigmatism.

How is Buying Lenses Online Different from the Eye Doctor?

Wondering what the differences are between buying contact lenses online and getting them from your eye doctor? A lot of people are unaware that they have the option of getting their lenses online. There are some major differences between getting your contacts at the eye doctor’s office and purchasing them from a discount supplier on the web. Read on to learn about the major differences between these two lens suppliers.

Major Difference #1 You can save a substantial amount of money. Get the lowest priced lenses online. When you take a look at the number of retailers in your neighborhood that sell contacts and compare that to the number of online retailers selling your prescription lenses, you will immediately notice that there are way more online suppliers. The greater the competition for your business, the lower the prices. Online suppliers want to attract new customers and will offer the most competitive prices on your lenses.

Major Difference #2 You can have your lenses shipped directly to your home or office. When you buy your lenses from your eye doctor’s office, odds are that they will not have them in stock. This is especially true when you want to purchase more than one or two boxes at a time. Your doctor will order your lenses and you will need to pick them up at a later date. Online suppliers ship directly to you to save you this unnecessary extra trip.

Major Difference #3 Online suppliers offer the greatest opportunities to save money. Web suppliers often have sales and run limited time only promotions designed to lower the price you pay per box of lens. You can also qualify for discounts when you sign up for auto-ship plans. Your supplier will automatically ship out your lenses at regularly scheduled intervals so that you never run out of contacts again.