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Maximum Cardio Benefits With the Endurance Fitness Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bikes are becoming popular among fitness conscious people as they offer great health and fitness benefits to users. Not just for home use, they are among the most-preferred equipment for commercials as well, so they are widely found in health clubs and professional gyms. Whether you are a beginner, an elderly, or recovering from a back injury, a recumbent is an ideal choice. With this fitness equipment you get to perform only low-intensity workouts but yet you can expect optimal results. Major advantage of using a recumbent is it concentrates on lower part of your body, which is almost ignored by other fitness devices.

If you are looking for an ideal recumbent bike that best meets your fitness needs then check out the Endurance 52.5u Recumbent Bike from Body Solid, a company known for manufacturing commercial quality home fitness equipment. This recumbent fitness bicycle feature DuraFirm padding, so you are ensured of comfortable lumbar support while doing workouts. In addition, it integrates a comfortable seat, which may lack in the conventional exercise bikes. This device has 20 levels of magnetic resistance, which can be easily adjusted, and hence you can change the level as per your mood to enjoy maximum cardio benefits.

Like any other fitness bikes, it also provides feedback of your workout to help you in monitor your progress. Its contact heart readout help you stay in your target workout zone. And since it is made to operate quietly you can clearly hear a door bell sound and also you can listen to your favourite track while riding. As you get to perform only non weight-bearing workout with this unit you can workout for extended hours without getting exhausted.

Lets look at the other benefits the Endurance 52.5u Recumbent Bike offers you. It let you build your leg and thigh muscles and makes it strong, and hence your back gets optimal support. Pedalling an indoor bike it serves as a good cardio exercise, thus there are less possibilities of you coming across any cardiovascular disease or obesity. Moreover, it regulates the blood circulation and helps you lead an active life. As a recumbent bike also offers aerobic exercises you get to lose weight at a faster rate. Since pedals are located in the front pedaling of this type of bike it is easy even for elders to ride. With Endurance 52.5u Recumbent Bike riding an indoor bike has become comfortable to the extent where you can read a book while performing workouts.