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What Makes Endurance Treadmills Very Special?

Lose weight or fitness regime, a treadmill can be completely relied up on. Body Solid is a trusted name in the fitness industry and the company’s treadmills are of superior quality and deliver premium fitness results. Among the Body Solid treadmills Endurance T3i model is quite familiar due to the advantages it offers.

Take a look at the features of T3i Treadmills, they have an extra thick tread belt so users are ensured of safety and durability. In addition to this multi-ply belts are fusion seamed and hence guarantee utmost strength. Talking about the motor, they employ a 2.2 HP Continuous Duty, 6.6 HP Peak Duty motor, which is equivalent to horsepower and so well meet the standards of home gym equipment. Moreover, P.W.M. (Pulse Width Modulation) technology is employed for the protection of the motor and the air-cooling facility enables optimal performance.

This fitness treadmill is designed to help users in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and get optimal cardio workouts at the comfort of their home. It is affordable even to the budget buyers, and its performance can be compared with those expensive exercise machines.

To assist users in tracking their workout results Endurance T3i Treadmills integrate a bright 3-window LED display, which also gives feedback to users their workouts such as heart rate, calories burned, elevation, time, distance, and speed. As they feature multi-point shock absorption system the end-user may never feel the stress or experience any joint pain. Adding to these benefits, they come with a 18mm pre-waxed phenolic deck system with SRS (Suspended Running Surface) and the deck requires very less maintenance.

Endurance T3i Treadmills are known for their solid construction, heavy-duty 2 x 3 and 2 x 4 inch steel frames are used in build these cardio workout machines, so longevity is guaranteed. For enhanced belt tracking and better surface contact these fitness units come with case-hardened steel rollers, which have a large diameter and a wide-radius crown that also help in minimising the extremity of wear. To enable users to cease the operation of these units they feature Safety Key Stop System, which lets these treadmills to function only when the safety key is engaged. Quiet performance is ensured by these units with their Poly-V Belt Drive System, and for users’ comfort they integrate a water bottle holder. They have a running area of 18 x 50 inch and can accommodate a maximum user weight of 275 lbs.