Hair Loss

Hair Restoration – The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself!

You are a man who is losing his hair and you thought buying something nice would make you feel, well, a little less bald. So, you bought the nicest car on the lot. Then you added a sunroof and a spoiler with racing stripes. You made sure your brand new car had twin exhaust and an iPod adapter. You felt great about your purchase until you glanced in your rearview mirror and reality hit you, sure you had a nice car, but you still are losing your hair.

Or, you are a woman who has just invested in a diamond necklace with rare pink pearls to go with your Channel shoes and matching purse. You had your nails done and went to the tanning salon. You just spent all this money to feel good, but inevitably when you look in the mirror to access that new necklace or tan all you see is your balding head. All this money you put into your car or diamonds isn’t going to change the fact that you are bald.

If you are one of the 60 million men or women who are suffering from hair loss or balding, why not get a hair restoration? The best investment you can make is in your self! The cars and diamonds aren’t going to cover bald spots, but a hair restoration will bring back your hair, your confidence and knock off about ten years.

If you are suffering from hair loss investing in a car or jewelry isn’t going to correct your hair loss problem. However, hair restoration is a proven solution to hair loss and it’s a permanent solution. Hair restoration is a simple outpatient procedure that will increase vitality and you will no longer have to be self-conscious and try to hide your head.

A hair restoration surgery costs on average $12,000 and if you get one of the best surgeons in the industry who utilize the MaxHarvest™ procedure then chances are, you will only need one surgery. The MaxHarvest™ procedure moves the most hair possible in one procedure and give the patient more density than any other procedure available today. If you truly want to restore your hair, revive your confidence and restart your life start with your hair and go from there.

If you have waited for hair restoration surgery because you are afraid of the possible “plug” look of the past. Never fear, the plugs are in the past and a hair restoration surgery today is undetectable, completely natural looking and virtually scar less.

After your surgery your hair will grow naturally and will be completely undetectable as a hair transplant. So, if you are going to make an investment that’s going to make you feel good about yourself, then get a hair transplant because investing in your appearance is going to do far more for you than a fancy car or jewelry. After the surgery if you still want that car or diamond necklace, go for it and know that it is just an accessory to you and your investment in yourself.