The Luxury of a Human Touch Massage Chair

The human touch massage chairs are considered the best massage chairs in the world. They are not all that expensive and are very much reasonably priced. The human touch massage chair is not at all a new concept and they were in the business from a long time of about 30 years.

The main attraction about the human touch massage chair is that they completely imitate the works of the professional massage therapist. The manufacturing companies spend lots of money to come up with an excellent product like this. These human touch chairs have wide varieties of ranges and types. You will easily get the one according to your body size, body weight and height. They have the capacity to calculate your heart and pulse rate. They work exactly like a robot and so, sometimes they are even called “Robotic Massage Chairs.”

They work excellently. When you have time you sit on the chairs by opening your shoes and in a relaxed manner. The chair is made with such leather that is very comfortable and warm and so, you will feel relaxed with it. There is also a lower leg massage part.

You will get different models of massage chair. If you are confused which one to buy then we are here to help you. You will get a detail of the three most popular human touch massage chairs.

• iJoy 250: iJoy 250 is considered as one of the best human touch massage chair. The most important feature of it is that they have different massage modes. They are so much comfortable that you will feel a human is massaging your full body. But the truth is they are operated robotically. They are designed in such a great manner that you can easily place them in any room. You can sit on it easily and can enjoy the relaxing time just you enjoy it at home. The massage modes are rolling, kneading, compression and percussion.

• HT 1650: HT 1650 is another one that helps you excellently. This chair has eight automatic settings. They will also let you know which massage is best for you. They have excellent foot massager. It will wrap your foot and will massage it in such a manner that you will feel an original massage therapist is massaging. They also provide an excellent massage for the back. They also have the massage modes of rolling, kneading, compression and percussion. If you have headaches, back pain or mid back pain then this chairs will work great.

• HT 140: They are the best for back and feet. But this won’t help in butt and thigh. They come in great designs. They can be rotated. They are a little bit more expensive than others. They apply very little pressure but works excellently. They have four massage modes like: rolling, compression, kneading and a combination of kneading percussion.

These are the top three popular choices among the human touch massage chair. Hope you find the perfect one for yourself from these choices.