Dangers of Using Steroids to Treat Whooping Cough

I am thankful for every gift we have been given on this earth, medicine and especially steroids – because they have proven invaluable for saving lives and overcoming serious ailments. However, we must exercise these good gifts with caution! And always we must weigh the benefit versus the risk – especially when it involves our children. Here we will focus on the dangers of steroids in treating whooping cough.

Steroids are anti-inflammatory medicines, usually in the form of pharmaceutical inhalants to temporarily dilate the passageway. While this may be dire in a critical situation, this approach does not offer a long term solution to the problem and also has many risks. Some of the risks include: rashes, wheezing, swelling, fungal infections, bruising, eye problems, bone loss, suppression of the adrenal system, mental depression, confusion, restlessness, and sleep difficulties. These are all very good reasons to avoid them if at all possible.

Corticosteroids are produced naturally by your body and are necessary for good health. We can strengthen our immune systems in ways that will energize it to work for us instead of against us, and assist us to overcoming ailments, such as whooping cough. This disease is mainly a nervous system ailment, and needs to be treated accordingly.

Researchers have found that corticosteroids produced naturally in the body (by your adrenal glands) do not have the same immuno-suppressive effect. With the pharmacological version of steroids, you lose some immune function. But with the natural versions, you retain neutrophil (a type of white cell function). Licorice is an excellent herb to give energy to the adrenals. In short, finding a few simple ways to stimulate our immune systems can lead us on the road to healthy living.

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