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How to manage andropause in men? Top health tips to help the men

Everyone seems to know about menopause, a phase where the women, usually between the years 40-50 start experiencing a change in their hormones and it eventually leads to no menstrual period anymore.

But little do the people know that the men also go through such a phase where their sex hormones get reduced and they feel fatigued, tired, and low all the time. the mood swings are not only for the women, men experience those too in this phase that is called andropause. And there are several other symptoms of andropause as well that can tell you that the level of testosterone is falling in the body.

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In this post, we are going to tell you about the top tips that help you with maintaining a healthy balance for your andropause phase. These tips will bring a healthy change in you and would give you the best results as well. all the following four tips are based upon the diet to follow that brings the best results.

  1. Take a good deal of calcium in your diet

Calcium is an essential nutrient that is needed to enhance the production of testosterone in your body. You can take calcium from milk, eggs, sesame seeds, and fish and feel good about yourself.

  1. Add healthy fats to your diet

Another way of bringing the testosterone level back in the body is to add healthy fats to your diet. This can be attained from nuts, seeds, dairy items, eggs, and butter. Taking a bit of it in the breakfast can be very healthy for you.

  1. Take proper amount of zinc as well

Zinc is necessary for reproductive health and the production of hormones as well. So make sure you are taking zinc regularly in your diet. This can be taken in dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, and seafood.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight

Being over-weighted is one of the major problems in a lot of systems imbalance in the body. Even the production of hormones is affected by it. so maintain a healthy weight and you will not have issues with the production of testosterone.

Article Credit: Hormone Logics