Physical Therapy

Acing Your Physical Therapist Exam

To become the best in any field, part of the process is acing the big test to be certified. For you to set yourself apart from the crowd, you will need to maintain the best results in your exam. Taking an exam where you need to answer more than 200 questions in 5 hours is no easy feat, but with the right type of support, this will be possible.

To help you along, I have come up with the following suggestions:

1. Study, HARD!

So, everyone says study smart not study hard but if you really know what is best for you, hit the books! To be an effective physical therapist, you will need to have knowledge on the subjects of anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, physics and pathology. Spend at least a few hours studying each of these subjects.

2. Expose yourself

What I mean is spend more time on your practical training. What is an extra few hours anyway? If this is a field that you are passionate about, you should be willing and able to do this. Not all the knowledge you need is in books. With physical therapy, most of the knowledge is NOT in the books but in the work.

3. Attitude

Attitude is everything. You can know all the big words and its’ meaning by heart, but if you do not have any bed side manners, it does not mean anything. You have to know how and when to sympathize with a patient, understand their emotions and know how to talk to them, encourage them and help them. Manners, understanding and compassion plays a big role in become a therapist that patients will remember and appreciate.

4. Confidence

The last piece of the puzzle is being confident when taking the National exam. The study guide would have been distributed months before the exams, allowing you ample time to study. Be calm and assure yourself that you will be able to pass the test with flying colors!

Hopefully these tips will help you along to the path of success and becoming a certified physical therapist.