Physical Therapy

Finding the Right ACL Reconstruction Brace

ACL Reconstruction surgery is a common treatment for a person who has torn or ruptured his or her anterior cruciate ligament, commonly referred to as the ACL. The ACL is one of the four primary ligaments in that enables movement and stability in the knee joint. Unfortunately, it is common for trauma to occur, like a skiing accident, which injures this crucial ligament. If an ACL ligament is completely torn it will not heal. Some people make the choice to live with knees having limitations, but others opt to have ACL reconstruction surgery. For many people the surgery resolves the issue, but for some there is a need for addition support after surgery both for post-operative purposes and security when resuming activities.

Correct motion of the knee

Finding an ACL reconstruction knee brace means understanding the correct motion of the knee. As it is the ligaments that hold the knee joint together, when these are compromised there is danger of over extending or not being able to balance and this can lead to missteps or further injury to the leg or knee. A brace or support that can be worn will take the weight off the ACL and redistribute it to other parts of the leg. It will also keep the knee from moving in ways it should not.

As many people who opt for the surgery plan to return to athletic or work activities which place a demand on the ACL, a reconstructed knee will need an ACL surgery knee brace. Not only does this help prevent more injuries, it can help the other muscles in the leg from becoming fatigued as they compensate for the poor mobility of the joint. With the weight distributed evenly the muscles can receive exercise without being over worked.

The DonJoy Full Force knee brace is designed with these and other factors in mind. The Full Force knee brace is built to be light weight and easy to adjust while still be strong. It uses DonJoy’s 4 points of leverage system to distribute the weight effectively.

When using the Full Force brace after ACL reconstruction surgery you can expect…

* Improved stability and reduced strain on the ACL

* Increased flexibility and reduced chances of over extension as a result of the FourcePoint hinge, which moistens knee-joint extension. This cuts down on the sensation of the knee failing and gives the patient confidence when walking or moving quickly.

Proper support from a brace

Proper support with the use of a brace can make a major difference in recovering after ACL surgery. With the DonJoy Full Force Ligament Knee Brace you can be assured that the knee will heal faster as it is supported, allowing the muscle to build in the area around the ACL surgery. The risk of further injury is reduced by the use of the brace, and longer periods of walking or other physical activity are possible because of the brace. An added benefit is the comfortable fit and easy adjustment of the brace. Unlike other braces that pull or bind the skin around the area this ACL surgery knee brace fits in such a way as to evenly distribute the weight.