Uncontrolled Asthma Can Cause Serious Pregnancy Complications

Every woman must hope that her pregnancy will be safe and healthy. However sometimes you cannot predict serious pregnancy complications that might happen. And for a woman who suffer from severe asthma, it is likely that the risk of developing pregnancy complications will be increased. Learning the relation between uncontrolled asthma and serious pregnancy complications will be beneficial for you and your couple, so that both of you can take any preventive actions to ensure your pregnancy health and safe until the time came for laboring.

Complications in pregnancy could be divided into minor and serious complications. Minor complications such as back pain, anemia or uncontrolled urinary are not dangerous. Almost every woman experiences at least one of those problems, and most of them can be reduced or even cured. However there are also some problems that must be treated as serious pregnancy complications, because they can endanger mother or fetus or both of them. Preterm labor, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy (fertilised egg embedded outside the womb), and pre-eclampsia (pregnancy induced hypertension) are some of serious pregnancy complications that you must be aware of.

One of the conditions that can induce serious complications in pregnancy is asthma. When the mother is in a lack of air condition due to asthma attack, it may prevent the baby from getting enough oxygen, which can put the baby in a great danger. These are several serious pregnancy complications that might be induced by asthma,


In a pre-eclampsia complication, the mother experiences an increasing blood pressure, accompanied with fluid retention and leaking of protein into her urine. These conditions might increase the mother’s risk of damaging her eyes, brain, liver, and kidneys, which can also bring both mother and the baby to death.

Preterm labor and small birth are also included in the possible serious pregnancy complications induced by asthma.

How to Avoid Serious Pregnancy Complications Caused By Asthma

When you have a pregnancy plan, you need to control your asthma. Either by avoiding food or substance that can cause allergies, or by enhancing a clean and healthy living environment (wash your bedding, reduce the humidity in the house, avoid pollen, etc).

Taking supplements contain folic acid (usually contained in pre-natal vitamins) will ensure the baby’s health, and reduce the risk of neural tube defect (birth defect condition).

Always consult frequently to both your obstetrical provider and asthma specialist.

Perform an ultrasound test to monitor your baby’s heart rate, first during the first trimester, and repeated later if slow growth is suspected to the baby.

By keeping your asthma under controlled before and during the pregnancy, you can ensure both your and the baby’s safe, free from serious pregnancy complications, and have a wonderful delivery when the time come!