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Is It Worth Investing In A Temporary Spa Or Hot Tub?

You may well want to buy a hot tub but be put off by their perceived high price, or it maybe that you are thinking of moving and think that it would be silly to buy one right now. However whilst a high end one can run into five figures you can buy a solution for well under £500 and it is one that you can take with you easily when you move.

The solution comes in the form of a temporary hot tub, but first of all let me say that whilst there are models sold as ‘temporary’ solutions many people use them all year round, year in year out. They just differ from normal acrylic ones, in that they are built up and installed by you, rather than coming pre-built.

Most temporary tubs come in one of two formats – either an inflatable model or a panel kit model. As the name suggests an inflatable model features inflatable side walls that when pumped up form semi-rigid sides, that can easily take the weight of people getting in and out without flexing and spilling any water out at all. These are what we class as the entry level to the hot tub market place and due to their low cost they are actually ideal for first time owners. This is because the maintenance routines with regards to cleaning and water care are just the same as for a £10,000 acrylic hot tub as they are for a £350 entry level inflatable model.

This means that you can see how well you get on with using and looking after it, and choose to upgrade to a more permanent model at a later date. Typically these models come in 4 or 6 person variants.

The other type of portable hot tubs are panel kits, which are made up of slide in metal panels and look much more like the real thing than an inflatable, however these will start at around £1,300.

Just remember that any hot tub even a large one can be taken with you when you move house. You will just need to plan it well and budget for a crane at both ends of the move and a low loader to shift it on. Note that moving any acrylic hot tub is a job for a professional with even a small two person acrylic model weighing far more than you can sensibly move with even four people to lift it.