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Various Treatments Offered In A Pamper Party

Pamper party or a party for teenage girls, is one of the best and healthy ways to celebrate and have fun special occasions like birthday and hen parties. Throw a pamper party for your friends and spend a quality and pampering time together.

Apart from pampering yourself, there are various other ideas that you can add in your parties like relaxing music in background, cocktails and snacks. This might sound a very simple and relaxing way of celebration with friends, but arranging for these parties is quite difficult. Fortunately, there are many organizations in the market that help you arrange for these parties. These organizations offer you a huge variety of beauty treatments that you can enjoy in your home. You just give them the date; time and address of your party and they reach your place just on time.

In a pamper party, girls can enjoy various type of skin and beauty treatments. Let’s have a look at few of those treatments that girls can enjoy in a pamper party:


Manicure is a process used for cleaning and smoothing your hand. This is one of the most common beauty treatments that women opt for in a beauty salon. In this beauty treatment, beauty therapists soak your hand in warm water and remove all the dirt and dead cells from your fingers. After this you get a soothing and relaxing cuticle oil massage that makes your hand soft and smooth.


Pedicure is also one of the most popular beauty treatments that women opt for. In this treatment, the therapists soak your legs in warm water and remove all the dead skin and dirt from it. After this, they give you a soothing and relaxing massage using a moisturizer, which makes your legs look soft and beautiful.


Makeover changes the entire look, and most teenage girls love getting a makeover from their regular look. The therapists give a soothing facial massage to the girls and after that give a change in their look by altering their hairstyle. Along with the hairstyle and makeup, these therapists give you a simple touch of makeup just like icing on the cake.

Head and Shoulder Massage:

Head and shoulder massages are for relaxation. The therapists use nutrition oils that smell good for this massage. These massages not only make you relaxed, but also help you get rid of pains.

These are few, but there are various other treatments that you can enjoy in these parties. Teens don’t get time to pamper themselves, so this is great and a very healthy way of pampering.