Spa and Wellness

Visit a Med Spa for a Day of Pampering or As Part of Your Health Care Plan

Visiting a med spa can rejuvenate and revitalize both your body and mind. Facilities offer different services to suit the varied needs of men and women of all ages. Whether you have pain problems, need skin treatments, seek nutrition counseling, or want to jump-start a weight loss program, a spa visit may be just the thing for you. Consider the different treatments available.

Pain Treatments

Some facilities may offer services that treat pain in the knees, back, neck, and other problem areas. While this should not be considered a replacement for a regular doctor visit, most locations do have experts on hand that can help you with more minor issues such as knee joint pain, back pain, and neck pain. Some of the remedies may include the following.

– Viscosupplementation therapy. In this procedure, a gel-like liquid is injected into a joint, such as the knee. This injection supplements the existing joint synovial fluid, which serves as a lubricant, allowing bones to move more freely. This type of procedure has been very helpful for osteoarthritis pain.

– Knee braces. Special braces may be all some people need to help with their aching knee joints. They are designed specifically to offload pressure in key areas that cause you pain upon sitting or walking.

– Spinal decompression. Some facilities may offer non-surgical spinal decompression therapy to treat conditions such as herniated disks, sciatica, disk degeneration, spinal stenosis, and more. You may also find this treatment beneficial if your back problems are causing numbness in the hands or arms.

– Chiropractic adjustments. These may be available from a certified chiropractic professional or through the use of an adjustment machine. A chiropractic adjustment machine can help diagnose the problem areas in your spine and target treatment to those areas.

Aesthetic Benefits

You may want to visit the med spa simply for relaxation. Many businesses will offer a range of skin treatments meant to help you de-stress and feel energized.

– Facial treatments. A med spa may have their own line of skin care products, or they may use commonly known brands. You will choose from a variety of facials that are designed for deep cleaning, rejuvenating, brightening, or simply refreshing your skin. You may also want to enjoy a facial peel, which has more exfoliation characteristics and cleans at a deeper level than regular treatments.

– Problem skin. No matter your age, you may have some problem areas with your skin. It may be brown spots, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, breakouts, or large pores. Specific treatments are available to address issues such as these, allowing for clearer, smoother, and more evenly toned skin.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

The staff at a med spa can help you get into a healthy lifestyle pattern by providing nutrition counseling and specific weight loss treatments designed to jump start or supplement your overall health plan. A professional team may help you identify the right tools and resources for your particular goals, and they can also help you stay on track.

– Body wraps. These options are a great way to see some quick results. They increase the blood flow through the lymphatic and circulatory systems, which helps cleanse the surrounding tissue. Most treatments advertise that you can lose a certain amount of inches or clothing sizes, since the treatment provides for cellulite reduction. The loss stays with you as long as you keep up healthy lifestyle habits.

– Light therapy. Some facilities offer light therapy, which targets the lipolysis in fat cells, causing fatty acids to be broken down and released. This strengthens the collagen in your skin to make it look toned and tightened.

A med spa can be a relaxing time for the occasional visit or a valuable partner in your overall health care regimen. Look for facilities that offer the services most suited to your own needs.