Energy Drinks – Are Energy Drinks Harmful?

With the growing popularity of energy drinks it is quite natural for health conscious people to question the effects of these energy boosters. Are energy drinks harmful? It depends a lot on the brand and type of your drink. It also depends upon your requirement for additional energy. If you are not doing any physical activity but still need a “kick”; all you might need is a glass of water or a cup of coffee.

Energy drinks are harmful if you start taking it in place of soft drinks or water. It is quite natural to feel fatigued at 4 o’clock after a hectic afternoon; therefore taking a glass of energy drink is quite refreshing.

Energy drinks contain a few ingredients that are not recommended for people with certain health conditions. Some of the ingredients of these drinks are…

o Caffeine: Almost all quick energy foods contain caffeine because this is a great energy booster. Some supplement also contains Guarana which is nothing but a plant that contains caffeine. High dosage of caffeine in any form can increase your cortisol levels. High cortisol level increases fat deposit around you midsection. Even tea or coffee can cause fat deposits on the abdomen.

o Sugar: Every energy supplement contains sugar because it gives you instant sugar high. Bad quality supplement contain sugar in excess quantity which might be harmful for diabetic people.

These harmful effects are caused only when you take energy supplement in excess quantity or when your brand of drink contain high amount of these ingredients.