Hair Loss

Hair Implants – Bald Today? Hair Tomorrow!

If you are on of the 60 million men and women suffering some form of hair loss or balding, in just one procedure with a qualified hair surgeon you can bring back your hair. While you won’t literally get all of your hair back the day you have surgery, you will be on the path towards a full head of hair. Hair implants are a simple outpatient procedure that only takes between 4 to 5 hours to complete. Over the course of just a few months the hair implants will take root and grow. That’s right you will have hair grow where you were bald, and it’s your hair!

25% of women suffer from some from alopecia, 50% of men over the age of 50 will experience some form of hair loss, and an unlucky 5% of men will suffer from premature alopecia and lose their hair before the age of 20. That is quite a few people who could truly benefit from hair implants. So what are you waiting for?

If you are worried about looking like your Uncle Ed with his giant plugs from 1975, don’t worry. The “plug” has been retired for some time. Now hair implants are virtually scar less and undetectable. Also, if you get a surgeon that performs a MaxHarvest™ procedure, such as Dr. Brett Bolton a pioneer in the industry, you will get twice the hair as any other type of hair surgery out there today and have maximum density. That’s right density! While there are many good hair surgeons, there are only a few GREAT ones and these are the doctors that can give you maximum density in as few procedures as possible!

However, if you are losing your hair or are already bald and are waiting out surgery because you want to try the “miracle regrowth shampoo”, regrowth vitamins, or laser combs first. You are wasting precious time and money on products that will not bring back your lost hair and cannot prevent future loss. When I say precious time, I mean it. When it comes to balding, waiting is the worst thing you can do! Everyday you have less hair than you did the day before. The sooner you get a transplant, the more hair your doctor will not only have to work with, but the more he could save from future fall out. While a “miracle pill” doesn’t exist, hair implants are the proven solution to hair loss, so if you are balding what are waiting for?

While you read this, you just lost 3 more hairs that you will never get back without a surgery. Are you getting the picture?

If you are worried that hair implants will be a long drawn out process, getting a transplant will be one of the easiest and greatest investments you ever made in yourself! When you get a hair surgery, you invest in your appearance and therefore are investing in yourself! It is a simple procedure with minimal swelling and a two-week recovery time. You will not regret it, you only regret waiting any longer. So, if you are bald today – get your hair back tomorrow!