Fitness Equipment

Building a Commercial Fitness Center for the Army, Navy, or Other Military Organizations

The first step in designing a commercial fitness center for use by military organizations, such as the Army, Navy, or Marines, is identifying the space available. Most commercial fitness centers include a selection of weight training and cardiovascular exercise equipment. In smaller gyms, this may be limited to a commercial-quality home gym, free weights, and 2-3 pieces of cardio equipment. Larger gyms may include more specialized equipment, such as circuit training stations, as well as workout space dedicated to instructional classes, such as martial arts, yoga, or swimming. In determining what to select, the military organization must determine their budget and what best suits the needs of their members.

In this article, various equipment types will be explored to give the reader a selection of equipment that may be included in a commercial fitness center for military personnel.

Cardiovascular Equipment

Cardiovascular exercise is an important part of any workout regimen. Soldiers must build endurance to run long distances. Commercial fitness centers should contain a mix of cardio equipment to meet the diverse needs of gym members. Some of the most popular equipment is listed below:

• Treadmills

• Elliptical Machines

• Exercise Bikes

• Stair Climber

• Rowing Machines

The quantity of these machines will depend upon the size of the gym. The equipment selected should be commercial grade and be able to withstand numerous people using the machinery throughout the day. Most military groups need a combination of high impact and low impact aerobic exercise. Treadmills are popular among the military for this reason. Stair climbers also build muscle tone while yielding a cardiovascular workout.

Weight Training

Weight training is important for building muscle tone and strength for carrying heavy equipment and performing other strenuous activities. Weight training machines are necessary for any commercial fitness center. Some of the most popular weight training machines are listed below:

• Functional Trainers

• Multi-Station Gyms

• Cable Crossover

• Power Racks

• Plate Load Leverage Machines

Free Weights and Other Exercise Equipment

Military recruits are often seen running, performing push-ups and pull-ups, climbing walls, climbing ropes, or doing a combination of other activities. A wide selection of fitness equipment is available to mimic these activities in a gym setting. Free weights complement weight machines in building strength and muscle tone, and should be included in any commercial fitness center. Military organizations should consider including the following fitness equipment in any gym:

• Dumbbells

• Barbells

• Jump Ropes

• Climbing Walls

• Ropes Suspended from the Ceiling

• Pull-Up Bars

• Indoor Running Track

• Weight Benches


A quality, high absorption flooring is recommended for any commercial fitness center to minimize stress on joints and better ensure safety. This will help reduce injuries that could limit the performance of military personnel on the job.