Hair Loss

Factors That Could Be Contributing To Hair Loss For Women

There are a number of different factors that could cause the natural growth cycle of hair on a woman to become disrupted. Before any kind of treatment for hair loss for women can be carried out one needs to actually find out what the underlying cause of the problem is.

In this article we take a look at some of the factors that are most likely to result in women losing more hair than usual.

Factor 1 – Coloring Hair

There are certain chemicals contained in products that allow you to not only clean but also change the color of your hair that can prove harmful to it. Certainly if you use certain dyes or bleaches on your hair too often or if they are applied incorrectly there is every chance of your hair starting fall out. If you don’t actually stop yourself from using these products for any period of time rather than the hair loss only being temporary it can become a more permanent issue.

Factor 2 – Hormone Imbalance

At particular stages throughout a woman’s life there is a risk that hair loss is going to occur. Some women when they begin taking the contraceptive pill notice more hairs than normal begin to fall out. But generally this problem only remains for a short period of time and things will return back to normal once the body has got use to you taking the medication. However the problem may arise once more should you decide to stop taking the contraceptive pill for any length of time.

Factor 3 – Pregnancy

Normally during pregnancy many women notice that their hair has become much thicker and this is because the sometimes our body’s choose to retain the hair until after the child is born. Often this is as a result of certain hormones being produced in large quantities by the body to help it cope with the baby growing inside. Then after the baby is born hair will start to fall out, but may not be noticeable until around 3 months after the child was born. With this form of hair loss for women no treatment is needed as in most cases the hair will again start to grow back normally. However you should be aware that it could be 6 months after the birth before hair growth begins to return to normal.

Factor 4 – Nutritional Deficits

If your diet is wrong and you are not receiving certain nutrients this could be another factor that can lead to hair loss. Certainly in women who suffer from eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia may find that hair is loss a lot more. Plus also the same goes for those women who diet a great deal. However if you were to take supplements to help ensure that your body is getting the right balance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins then of course the risk of hair loss for women is greatly reduced. Plus of course choosing to eat a well-balanced healthy diet can also help to prevent this problem becoming any worse.