How to Get Pregnant Easy – 7 Tips You MUST Know

For women who desperately crave a baby there is no feeling quite like it. Watching friends and family members with their newborn you wonder why you haven’t made a baby yet yourself. This can be a truly awful experience. You’re a good person and can provide a loving environment for a precious new life so why can’t you get pregnant?

Getting pregnant of course is not an exact science and it can feel like a lottery at times. However there are certain factors that you CAN control that can dramatically increase your chances of getting pregnant.

The following list of tips should be given serious consideration by any would be mother:

1) Visit your Doctor:

Tell your doctor you wish to conceive. He/she may give your body a number of tests to determine whether there is anything you should be aware of that could affect your chances of making a baby (e.g. polycystic ovaries). Your doctor will be able to advise you on this and the following areas:

2) Weight

If you are overweight your regular menstruating cycles may be affected. This reduces ovulation. This further reduces the chances of getting pregnant. You should be aiming for a Body Mass Index (BMI) of between 20 and 30. Self esteem issues linked to weight can also affect your body and prevent pregnancy.

3) Relax

If you are not calm and become stressed out at anything you may miss a period or prevent a fertile egg making a placenta. A calm mind = a calm body and a calm body is more receptive to becoming pregnant.

4) Smoking

Women who smoke are at a great disadvantage when trying to conceive. Nicotine decreases the number of eggs in their ovaries and the fallopian tubes may get damaged. If a smoker did fall pregnant then the health of her baby is also in jeopardy.

5) Alcohol

Your chances of making a baby can be cut by half with the regular intake of alcohol. As with smoking, should you conceive whilst partaking in regular, excessive alcohol consumption you are putting the well being of your baby at risk.

6) Caffeine

If you drink coffee, tea or soda make sure it’s decaffeinated. Caffeine can reduce the blood flow to a womans’ uterus as it contracts the blood vessels.

7) Sex

The missionary position (man on top of woman) is thought to be the most successful for getting pregnant. It is important for the woman to lie there for a while after intercourse to enable the sperm to travel. It is also recommended that the woman place a pillow under her bottom whilst in the missionary position in order to tilt the cervix.

This list will give any would be mother a sound grounding in pointing the balance of success in HER direction. By adopting any of the above you are stepping in the right direction – towards motherhood.

The above are great tips to follow but for some of you who have already adopted these methods the quest to conceive may well be presently unsuccessful. Even after treatments from your doctor (such as) or even IVF you may still be awaiting your first pregnancy.

However, do not despair. Even for the more mature woman who has been trying for many years to get pregnant there is a genuine solution.