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Is Colon Hydrotherapy Unnatural?

As our western diet becomes more and more unnatural, fibre depleted, refined, preserved and different foods 24/7 available to us to fit into our incredibly over committed life styles, our Colons are becoming more and more sluggish.

Colon Hydrotherapy is required when:

  • You experience digestive problems
  • Your trips to the loo has increased
  • You bloat easily?
  • You suffer with persistent pain in your belly
  • Or you just want to feel goooood.

With exposure to thousands of chemicals and synthetic substances in everyday life (via air, food, water, metabolic wastes, synthetic and natural drugs), many people unwittingly experience toxicity in their bowels that can lead to chronic sub clinical health problems. Despite your daily elimination you may not be aware that the entire length of your colon can be packed with old hardened faecal matter. This leaves only a narrow channel for small soft faeces to pass through. These deposits may be a thick as one to three centimeters and as hard as rubber. This old waste product is harmful to your health and has the capacity to pollute all the organs of your body.

Colon Hydrotherapy actually is one of the most important systems of Natural Medicine needed to support our over health and well being and to protect our ailing, overlooked, abused and tired Colons.

Colon Hydrotherapy is an important, preventative treatment for you. It is a safe, natural, rejuvenating, clean and relaxing method of removing toxins, muco-protein build up and waste from your large intestine, without the use of drugs. Accumulated waste material from an improper diet or stressful lifestyle can produce toxins in your bowel which impact on the body’s natural ability to self heal. This lowers your body’s defence against disease and infection. Unlike regular use of laxatives, or enemas, Colon Hydrotherapy is not habit-forming for you and will greatly improve the natural tone of your colon and its customary peristaltic activity.

Colon Hydrotherapy (or Colonic Irrigation) is a simple relaxing method of preserving long term colonic health and overcoming persistent ailments. Maintain your optimal energy and vitality whilst de-toxifying your body.

Our Colons have not changed in thousands of years. They are designed to hold an enormous amount of soft moist roughage. Think about the traditional tribes eating the corn kernels and the cob. Or the apples and the core. Or the oranges and the pips!

The Colon is the most overlooked, neglected and abused organ of the body! We take for granted its vital role in overall health and well-being. And yet when we become sick it is often the least blamed.

The role of your colon is to complete the final stage of the digestive process. It is an organ that has been designed to be an eliminatory channel and not a holding station. Poor circulation, smoking, drugs, stress and a western diet inhibit the colon in its normal activity. Pain, discomfort, dehydration and eventually disease will eventuate if we do not care for this very special and sensitive organ.

So, even if a Colonic is not exactly a ‘natural’ event… our bodies really need them!

It is directly because we have alienated ourselves from the basic act of going to the ‘loo’ regularly and because of the types of diet we eat today that Colon Hydrotherapy is SO essential.