Back Pain

Back Surgery – A Need Or Not a Need?

Ever experienced severe back pain? Sometimes, we perceive back pain as a form of illness that is being experienced by old people when in fact it is not. Anyone can suffer from back pain, the young and old, men and women, even individuals who have large muscles and strong body build. There is no exception.

Experiencing back pain can be very disturbing especially when we are working or when we are resting. Sitting for more than eight hours can bring about back pain and so does lying in bed for how many hours. It is important for us to spend five minutes of stretching especially when our work entails excessive hours of sitting and facing on computers. A five minute break every two hours would probably be enough to strengthen the muscles and stretch the bones. This exercise will not only benefit our bodies but it will also allow us to become awake when we feel dizzy or tired.

When the pain in our back still persists and pain medications no longer respond, it is best to consult your health care provider that way we will know if we are suffering from bone disorders. There are so many disorders that have back pain as a common symptom. We should be very careful though because we might think that the pain in our back is just ordinary and that it is just a normal occurrence after sitting or overdoing some exercises.

Other causes of back pain are improper body mechanics, trauma, aging and any damage that affect the nerves in our back. This can contribute to having pain in our back and other symptoms of a particular disease. There are some back problems that can be treated with pain or anti-inflammatory medications and some therapeutic techniques like gentle massage, physical therapy and cold compression. If the therapeutic techniques will not work, then a surgery to correct back problem might be necessary. However, surgery may not at all be the solution to all back problems therefore it is wise to consult first your health care provider for specific instructions.

Most people tend to become aggressive and will really undergo surgery in order to get rid of the back pain. There are occurrences where the surgery will only aggravate the pain and thus bring a lot of complication and worse, infections. Back pains are usually found in the spine, the lumbar and the sacral bones. The nerves are affected once there is a problem in those areas making the individual to experience back pain. Surgery may be needed in this life circumstances. Like if the problem is on the spine, spinal fusion may be required. Successful spinal fusion surgery recovery is possible when the doctors and other health care team are really doing their best to correct the problem.

Doctors will always give their patient advice on back surgery based on the presenting symptoms. The experts will know whether or not surgery is recommended or if non-invasive procedures will cure the problem. It is very wise to consider all options that are available that will prevent you from undergoing painful surgeries. To prevent any back problems, it is best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, proper use of body mechanics and daily exercise.